The Republican Oligarchy in South Carolina


The Republican Oligarchy in South Carolina

“It’s hard to find an example of a Good Monopoly”  - JT Davis
“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” - Mark Twain


There are 7 Congressional Districts in South Carolina. At present 6 of the 7 seats are held by Republicans. We have a Republican Governor, a majority Republican SC House and SC Senate. South Carolina today is a solid Republican “Red” State.  I would agree our Republicans elected representatives are in most cases good, honest, hard working elected people. In the past, I’ve supported many Republican Candidates with my vote – and even with my money -- at all levels from local elections to the Presidency.

When I moved to South Carolina in 1968 as a 6th grader, South Carolina was majority Democratic elected officials.  Clearly politics can change dramatically over 50 years. Perhaps in 2018 it’s time to revisit if some “swamp draining change” party wise is due in our state.

All I suggest to the South Carolina voter in 2018 is please give a fair and balanced look at both parties and their candidates. There are visible symptoms and even legal facts that some of the ‘Good Old Boys” in Columbia have become too comfortable with power, and too inclined to bend if not break the rules.  Failing road maintenance, failed nuclear plants, problems at the DDSN, failed Nuclear plant Rate Hikes -- putting some new and fresh talent in Columbia might be a good thing!

In our South Carolina US congressional delegation, of our nine elected representatives eight are Republican. I believe our all Congressmen and Senators are honest, hard working, intelligent representatives.  But we’ve seen with President Trump that any Republican that doesn’t loyally toe the Trump line is susceptible to a disrespectful  “Trump Tweet treatment”.  Our government has for the past two hundred years worked well with a two party system. Historically we’ve seen that when the two party system gets out of balance, a balance needs to be restored for the people to have the best government.  Today, I strongly feel we have become badly out of balance political party-wise in South Carolina.  We all know that the best results arrive in a free  market with fair and honest competition.  The same applies to the “marketplace”  of political ideas and public policies. 

As I have told many Republican friends, I did not leave the Republican party, it left me.  And I have become more distant from it over the past few years where I have found myself in the good company of former (or now “non-practicing Republicans) such as George Will, Eliot Cohen, Joe Scarborough, and David Frum.  I agree with all of these people that we, as a nation, face serious challenges.  But like them, I don’t now see balanced solutions being offered by the GOP.

I urge the voters to give both party’s candidates a fair assessment in 2018. We do have a two party system – even in South Carolina!