Immigration, DACA and the Trump Wall

 “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man” – Gen. George S. Patton 

There are two big questions on immigration policy:

  • How many (if any) immigrants should the United States allow to legally immigrate?
  • What do we do about the significant number of illegal immigrants already in the USA?

I believe these two questions are actually the same question.  I support a policy that allows immigration to the United States. We have 330 million citizens; we can absorb and we need immigrants.  I would support temporary immigrant visa for industries like agriculture and construction. And for permanent legal immigration there is a reasonable balance we can find between family-based immigration and economic contributor immigration.  

Illegal immigrants – the fact on the ground is they are here, most are hard working.  They buy at stores, pay rent, and build our homes. They pay sales and other taxes. Whether there are 11 million or 20 million, deporting all illegals would shrink our economy and cause a recession.  Farmers in California are already reporting that they may be unable to harvest twenty percent of their fruit and vegetable crops because they lack pickers and workers.  This means higher food prices for all Americans.  I support a DACA process and other common sense programs that remove the shadows giving good illegal immigrants the opportunity to contribute to and enhance our society for all. And, of course, law enforcement must identify and deport the bad actors and criminal elements.

 The Trump Wall:  Of course there should be border structures and patrols that are effective to prevent illegal immigration, to stop illegal drugs, and to support our national security. But also the physical border needs to be efficient for trade and tourism. If the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) professionals have specific areas  identified where a more substantial “wall” better achieves those goals – I fully support those  border control additions.  But we already have a wall along the border in those places where it is geographically and geologically feasible.  In many border areas a wall is neither feasible nor affordable, nor effective. I was also once a soldier, and I learned in Military Science 101 that an obstacle not “covered by fire” is useless.  That is the basis of General Patton’s observation above.  I saw in person, during my Cold War-era Army service, the ugliness of the Iron Curtain-Berlin Wall.  I do not support a southern border-to-border, 2000-mile Trump Wall with manned gun towers, kill zones, and land mines. Not only is that offensive to me, it would be a waste of resources compared to an intelligent, technology-based border control strategy.   And rest assured, Mexico will never pay for any wall on our border.


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