Energy & Climate


Global Climate Change and Energy Independence

"Of all the questions which can come before this nation, short of the actual preservation of its existence in a great war, there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us." -  Theodore Roosevelt


Energy Independence - President Obama’s policy for addressing energy independence was “all of the above”.  I fully support that approach to energy. The federal government should not overtly pick the winners, because likely we’ll guess wrong.  But the federal government also has to keep the playing field level. A kilowatt-hour of solar may cost more than one from a coal generating plant – but the air quality and coal tailings have to be accounted for fairly with respect to the people breathing the air and living next to the dump where the coal residue ends up.  I will pay close attention that the federal government’s role in energy production is balanced honestly regarding the actual technology and environmental issues, not on the lobbyist’s campaign contributions. Our Upstate, with GE Power and Water’s plant in Greenville, is a world leader in natural gas and wind energy production.  This positions our area to lead the world in Energy if we have the leadership to do so. I will fully support the EX-IM bank in the assistance of our local Energy and Aerospace Equipment manufactures and their employees to be Global Export winners.

Global Climate Change – It seems that everyone has a strong position on whether climate change is real or a hoax.  But everyone agrees that clean water and clean air are good, and floods are bad.  I agree that scientific research regarding climate change is critically important to be supported and continued as the potential risks and implications are massive. Whether Climate change is manmade or caused by Mother Nature, it’s clear that research and preparations for a changing climate and sea levels are potentially gigantic human issues.  I will support continued research on global climate change and support the United States rejoining the global community to work together to understand and act on climate change in a cooperative process.   President Trump’s near-sighted decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord isolates the United States from literally the rest of the world.  We cannot lead the world on this – or any other – issue if we are disengaged and appear dis-interested.  If we have certain preferred and expected outcomes, we must lead others in working towards them. As a Mechanical Engineer and businessman, I also would point out that technology and research leadership in Climate Change in the USA can be a significant positive contributor to our economy during the 21st Century. Climate Change is not an area of fear and withdrawl, it is an opportunity for our nation to lead the world as we have in other technology rich endeavors.