Donald J. Trump


President Donald J. Trump

"Donald Trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard." - Speaker Paul Ryan

In 2016, Donald J. Trump ran for President of the United States; he did not win a majority of the votes nationally in the election, but he did become president under the Electoral College.  Donald J Trump is our  President. As Speaker Ryan noted, Candidate Trump did give voice to millions of voters and we must not ignore them.  If there were irregularities with voter access, Russian collusion, or other factors that are contrary to the free and fair election process we citizens should be vigilant that the checks and balances in place at the Department of Justice and Congress will do their jobs and investigate electoral procedures professionally and fairly.  Bottom line is  Donald Trump is today the President of the United States of America  and I will respect the office and the officeholder accordingly.

Where and when the Trump Administration has what I find to be good policy proposals, I will work with them to deliver a successful outcome that is good for our nation and enhances the well being of our citizens. When opposing the Trump Administration, I will do so with respect for the office of President.  At times this may be difficult considering the “tweeter in chief’s” statements and frequent fact-free assertions, but I will do my best to remain focused on the best outcome for the nation and the people of Upstate South Carolina.

I don’t care where or who is the person originating a policy or program proposal; It’s about the ideas and the results, not the author.  As legendary American General George C. Marshall, the Army Chief of Staff during World War II, once noted, “There is no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” 

I will enthusiastically support the President whenever I feel he is right, but energetically oppose him whenever I feel he is wrong.  Like so many, I am concerned about his divisiveness, his dismissal of our friends and his disregard for social and political norms.  President Trump clearly likes  to take all the credit for anything good, and avoid all the blame for anything bad.  In addition to General Marshall’s observation, he should also seriously consider President Truman’s acceptance of presidential reality when he said, “The buck stops here.”